The Best Exotic Dancer Ankle Boots Ahead of 2022

There is something sexy about wearing a boot that reaches to or just above the ankle especially when they are exotic dancer ankle boots. The platform heel just adds an extra little touch of pizzaz! 

If you’re looking to buy a new pair as we head into 2022 then we;ve rounded up the hottest ankle boots for exotic dancers and pole fitness fanatics!

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The Best Exotic Dancer Ankle Boot

Pleaser Xtreme-1020 Boot

These pleaser lace up boots have to be the hottest pair of exotic dancer ankle boots around. There isn’t a pole dancer that I know who doesn’t own a pair of the bad boys! They scream exotic dancer!

They look hot with ecverything and they are a dream to wear. 

Don’t let the 7 inch heel put you off. The platform sole decreases the real height quite significantly. 

These have been designed with you in mind!

pleaser exotic dancer ankle boot

Leading Brands of Exotic Dancer Ankle Boots

When it comes to exotic dancer ankle boots there are a couple of clear winners when it comes to the best brands. Pleaser Shoes, Ellie Shoes and Hella Heels are without a doubt the sexiest brands when kit comes to exotic dancer ankle boots. 

If you are familiar with the pole dancing area of our site you will know that we love and promote Pleaser shoes heavily and that’s because in our opinion they are the best brand of sexy high heel shoes around. Designed around the needs of exotic dancers it’s no wonder they are simply the best (I think thats some lyrics to a song by Tina Turner). 

Hella heels were designed for pole dancers, they are a relatively young brand when comapred to Pleaser shoes but they do some amazing ankle boots that are simply perfect for exotic dancers.

Ellie shoes are the third brand we are going to mention. They started off as sexy shoes for exotic dancers and whilst they still make some amazing styles they now cater more for fancy dress and Halloween. But they are worth checking out if you want to stay away from the mainstream brand, Pleaser. 

More Exotic Dancer Boots

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What's So Special About Exotic Dancer Boots?

Platform soles and towering heels make the legs look amazingly long, slender and youthful. The designs are range from elaborate to the classics. 

If you’re thinking classic exotic boots you’ll be thinking clear upper, clear platform sole and clear sky-high heel. This is because they give the illusion of added height and legs that go on for miles and miles (there’s another song lyric I’m full of them today) without the boots being overly visible. 

Men find them hot and they look simply divine with a pair of hot pants, skirts or even trousers. 

Where To Buy Exotic Dancer Boots

Unless you live in Las Vegas you’re unlikely to walk down your high street or through Walmart and find a pair. 

Whilst alternative clothes stores and cheap shoe shops at the shopping mall do stock some cheaper brands of exotic dancer boots they are often poor quilaity and overpriced.

The best places to look for sexy platform ankle boots is online. There are a number of reputable stores that we can mention, the first of those stores is Amazon. If you have prime membership you can’t go wrong as you get free delivery, often within 24-48 hours depending on your location.

This online giant has plenty of choice wherever you happen to be in the world. 

Can Pole Dancers Wear Them?

Hell yes! If you pole dance for fun and fitness these exotic dancers ankle boots are just perfect to wear to exotic dance classes, heels practice and more as they make the perfect pair of pole dancing shoes!

Any of the ankle dance boots listed above will be loved by you and you will be sure to get comments from your fellow polers!