10+ Clear Platform Shoes for that are Perfect Pole Dance & Fitness in 2021

Clear platform shoes are a popular choice for pole dancers as they go with everything. From sandals to boots with laces or peep-toes they have all been designed with the girl who loves transparent platform shoes in mind. Shoes, ankle or knee-high boots have all been produced just for you!

Both the ever-popular Pleaser and Ellie shoes & boots are available with clear platforms. 

Pleaser pole dancing shoes which comfortable, light, durable, and come in hundreds of colours and designs but there is something very special about their ranges which come with clear platforms and heels. Whether you are looking for simply a clear heel platform or some with glitter, light up or even rainbow unicorn heels they will be available to buy. 

The great thing about transparent shoes is that they are available in so many different styles you can choose the pair that expresses you the best. These heels will look brilliant with whatever outfit you choose. 

Choose ones with glitter they will sparkle as your dance and spin, light up heels alter the colour based on your mood or ones with filled platforms if you want the cute look – the filling will move around as you spin and invert. 

Live your best life in the most badass clear heeled stilettos. 

We reveal below our top ten clear platform shoes, sandals and boots. 

Our Favourite Clear Platform Heels


Pleaser Flamingo 808

These Pleaser Flamingo-808 platform sandals are some of our most favourite ever heels! The clear holographic glitter sprinkled ankle strap with matching clear holographic glitter sprinkled platforms are just super sexy. Just the right amount of glitter. They come in an 8uch stiletto heel with a 4-inch platform. So perhaps not for those new to platform heels but defiantly something to work towards. 

Clear Platform Boots ADore

Pleaser Adore 1020

What’s not to love about these translucent 7″ (178mm) Heels with 2 3/4″ (70mm) Platform. The lace-up front ankle boots will be great for pole fitness. The ankle boot gives just the right amount of support to the ankles. Pair them with whatever outfit you like.  


pleaser Adore 2020

In the same range as the ankle boots above, but they are clear knee-high boots. If knee-high boots are your thing then these clear ones with 7″ (178mm) heels and 2 3/4″ (70mm) platforms are just the ticket. They lace-up at the front meaning they will fit a range of calf sizes. 


Pleaser Flamingo 1021

These might just be our favourite clear platform boots as they have a peep toe. As they are in the flamingo range they have an 8inch heel plus a 4-inch platform. They lace up at the front so whatever ankle size you have they should fit. Another divine pair of clear heeled platforms. 


Pleaser Moon 708

We simply love the moon-shaped arch on the platform sandal. The base of the cutout shape features rhinestone detailing. If you are looking for a little bit of shimmer then these are ideal. They have a 7″ (17.8cm) heel and a 2 3/4″ (7cm) Platform. They are secured in place with an ankle strap.

Pleaser Tipjar 708

We have always loved the tip jar range of heels. The great thing about this range is that these beauties come with a real functioning slot on the outside of the platform so you can post anything in there that you like. The coins or other goodies can be removed via the easy access opening on the insole of the shoe.

They have a 7″ (17.8cm) heel and 2 3/4″ (7cm) platform meaning that they are suitable for those used to wearing heels. 


pleaser Unicorn 708

Magical unicorn glitter and neon meet in 7” unicorn horn-shaped heel 3 1/2” holographic glitter-covered platform. If you are looking for something a little bit different then why not put these in your shopping bag. 

Clear Platform flashdance-808sq

pleaser Flashdance 808

These battery-operated clear platform shoes have it all. They flash for starters and they have reflective multi-colour cup sequins in the platform. If you are dancing in a darkened room these will look pretty special. The 8″ (200mm) Heels and 4″ (100mm) Platform sandals can be charged up via a USB cable. There are multiple static or colour options and light settings via a switch under the sole. 

Where to Buy?

We would always recommend that you buy direct especially if you live in the USA so you cut out the middle man, but if you live in the UK or elsewhere in the world buying from Amazon then it is a good option especially if you qualify for free shipping with Prime membership. 

Final Thoughts

Pole dancers love to wear heels (did you ever wonder why they wear heels?) and shoes with a clear platform are loved by everyone for all the reasons discussed above. Treat yourslef to some – you know you want to!