The 10 Best Aerial Hoops for Home Use

Lots of people around the world have realised that Lyra is a brilliant form of exercise. I’ve always known it and finally, the whole (well many of them) are waking up to my way of thinking about fitness and exercise. 

It has become so popular that many individuals have started investing in their own kit so they can reap the benefits of aerial hoop workouts at home.

There’s no shortage of equipment to buy, so we thought it was about time we did some research and compile our list of the best aerial hoops available to buy online. 

Of course, if you are going to train at home you will need your own aerial rig or somewhere to hang the hoop from.

Making Shapes

I’ve decided just to focus on the bog-standard circular hoop in this post, but if you’re interested in heart-shaped hoops we discuss them elsewhere. 

Cube-shaped hoops seem to be quite popular at the minute as well. 

Recently a bubble hoop was created…which we just love…

5 Best Aerial Hoops for Home Training

Aerial hoops come in a variety of forms, single point, double point and tabless (0 point)…

But first, let’s take a look at the best aerial hoops for you to buy for home use…..

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Prodigy Multi-point Aerial Hoop with Shackles

The Most Versatile Aerial Hoop Ever

If you want a hoop that can be tabless, 1-point, 2-point or even 3-point this is the hoop for you!

The most versatile hoop ever!

Made by professionals

WLL: 300kg (360lbs)

RRP: £187

prodigy multi point hoop

What we say: How amazing, a multi-purpose hoop from the UK aerial arts company, Prodigy. This hoop gives you so many options, use it like a tabless hoop or use the shakles and have a 1, 2 or 3 point hoop depenidng on your mood and needs.

I guess some would ask why you need to be able to turn a tabless hoop into a 1 or 2 point hoop? I certainly did at first. 

But, it means that you don’t have to choke the hoop unless you want to use it in chandelier mode. 

The hoop gives you options.

Use it in single point mode or swap to two point for doubles by simply moving the shakles.

It’s really simple too. Moving the shakles to really easy. 

Like most hoops it’s available in Powder-coated with a neutral grey finish, or covered in a variety of coloured tapes.

If you want to be able to do tricks on 1 point one day and 2 point the next day, this is the hoop for you. Perfect for those that don’t like chocking directly on the hoop.  

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Firetoys 0 Point Aerial Hoop

Available in powder coated or you can tape for extra grip. It’s made from 1” diameter 10G steel tubing, which equals 25.4mm with 3.2mm wall.

RRP£155.00 / $229

Firetoys 0 Point Aerial Hoop

What we say: The reason this hoop is our favourite is because it is made in the UK and it’s made by a repuatble company that’s been in aerial arts and circus business for a long time.

We trust the products. We trust it’s been tested to UK standards. We would be happy to hang upside down in this hoop safe in the knowldge that it won’t break on us. 

It’s made in the UK  but they ship internationally and have distribution centres in the USA, Europe and Ireland. SO the chances are that it won’t take ages to ship to you. 

Okay, that;’s enough about how good the company is. Lets tell you a bit more about we like thus hoop. 

It’s available in a range of diamters between 85cm and 105cm, so you can buy the perfect size hoop for your height. Small enough for petite soloists and big enough for thos ewho are tall or want to train doubles. 

You can buy it in the stadard matt powered gripy finish or you can get professionally added tape added in a range of coulours such as red, green , blue, purple and a few others. So you can get a hoop to suit your outfit or colour scheme. Or just buy your fav colour!

A bit more about the safety. The wonderful guys and gals at Firetoys have tested this hoop to see what the working load limit is, the WLL is 120kg (264lbs). 

It’s made from steel, which will rust if you leave it outside, so just make sure that you put it away somehwree nice and warm and dry when you’ve finished training. 

They sell a hoop bag, so you can keep it clean in storage por wehen being transported. 

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Runner Deer Complete Lyra Aerial Hoop Kit


This is a complete aerial hoop setup, so it’s ready to hang and training in. It comes with a lyra/aerial ring, attachment carabiners, a swivel, and 3-foot long spanset. 

Perfect for those in the USA. 


Runner Deer

What we say: we found this hoop on Amazon. It’s perfect for those in the USA, sadly if you live anywheger else you can’t buy this one as they don’t ship internationaly yet. 

It gets 4.5 stars out of 5 from 168 Amazon reviews. Some of the bad reviews suggest that you can get a better quality hoop by getting the Firetoys one above. There are some moans about it not being taped, but that’s easily solved. – buy some and wrap it at home – if, like most, you like your hoop wrapped.

We suspect this hoop is made in China as there are no claims that it’s made in the USA or elsehwhere – remember production costs are lower in China, so you would expevct to pay less than one made in the UK or the USA. 

They say the the laod limkit is 300kg, we question whether that is the working load limit. I wouldn’t risk 300kg in this hoop unless they can give you there safety sheets. Plus the hanging hardware probbvably wouldn’t take that load. 

This Runner Deer aerial is made from a hollow steel tube, so like the one above, don’t keep it outside in the damp, cold or rain as it will rust. 

It’s available in a range of sizes, so you can  buy the size thaht fits your height best. 

It comes with hardware so you can hang it straight away. 

This wouldn’t be our first choice, but we would certainly consider it. 

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Tabless Aerial Hoops by Aerial Hoops

These tabless or Zero point aerial hoops come in a range of diameters and coloured tapes.  With Free UK Shipping, they are a really good price.

I have one of these hoops for personal use at home and they are a great price for a really good quality product!

RRP: £95

aerial hoops by aerial hoops

What we say: A UK company selling the best quality aerial hoops you can get.

It retails at less than £100 whihc is so very reasonable and shipping with in the UK is free! 

If you need it shipping outside the UK you will find there shipping rates very reasonable. 

It comes in a huge range of colours. You can even choose two colours of tapes.  As standard it comes in poweder cotaed black unless you add the free tape.

the option to buy a bundle with all the accessories you would need is really convenient andthe prices are superb. 

They use high grade steel tubing, the hoops have incredible strength and hold 200kg. 

We found the service to be amazing. A smooth ordering process and it was delivered in a timely fashion, especially considering it was at the start of the pandemic when everything went  a little pair shaped in the delivery service world.  

They also sell rigging hardware and single point hoops. 

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TESLANG Single Point Hoop

Available in powder coated or you can tape for extra grip. It’s made from 1” diameter 10G steel tubing, which equals 25.4mm with 3.2mm wall.

WHAT’S INCLUDED — Lyra Hoop x1, lyra hoop tape x1, Lifting Sling x1, O-ring x3, 360° Rotation Swivel x1, Storage Bag x1, User Manual x1. 

RRP:  $240

Teslang Aerial Hoop

Frequently Asked Questions

An aerial hoop is also referred to as a Lyra, aerial ring or cerceau/cerceaux.

Yes, the aerial hoop is a great workout. 

It’s a full-body workout.

Not only will you have sp much fun, you will also build strength in every part of your body including the arms, shoulders, upper body and legs. 

If you ever wanted to build a strong core – aerial hoop workouts are superb for it. It’s all the inverted crunches that the sport requires 🙂

It’s also great for improving balance, flexibility and coordination. 

Once you start linking moves together you get a cardio workout as well.

The opinion on that varies with some people thinking that pole is harder than aerial hoop.

Their reasoning is that you can start with simpler moves that don’t need you to have much flexibility or strength. 

The hoop will support your weight. 

The size of the hoop to buy depends very much on the length of your torso. This allows you to sit comfortably in the hoop with enough room for your head in relation to the top bar.

Rigging at home can be a tricky thing. 

You can rig to a ceiling mount, but unless you know what you are doing we would invest in a freestanding rig.