How Much Do Pole Dancing Poles Cost?

One of the most important considerations after deciding that you want to buy a pole dancing pole is the cost. 

Pole dancing at home can be rewarding and fun. The mastering and perfecting of spins, climbs and even safe, low to the ground inverts (with a safety mat) can be sped up. 

If you want to progress quickly at pole fitness, it is recommended that you train 2-3 times a week, just like with any other sport. Having a pole dancing pole at home means that, if you can’t make the studio that many times in a week you can train at home. 

The good news is that pole dancing poles are probably cheaper than you are expecting. But you need to be aware of buying super cheap poles. If they seem too cheap to be true, they probably are.

The price of pole dancing poles can vary depending on the type of pole that suits your needs, where you live and shipping costs.  So it’s difficult to give you an exact price. 

But what we will do today, is give you a breakdown of the factors that determine how much poles cost and a rough idea of how much that type of pole costs.  

how much does a pole dancing pole cost?

The price of the pole depends on the type of pole and the material it is made from that best suits your needs. 


Poles come in a variety of finishes. The material you want your pole to be made from will determine the price. 

As a general rule:

  • Chrome and powder coated poles are the cheapest
  • Titanium gold, silicone and stainless steel are a little more expensive 
  • Brass is generally the most expensive material for your pole to be made from. 

As the cost of materials alters in the future so might the cost of the poles. 


There are multiple types of pole dancing poles and the style you opt to buy can drastically alter the price. The diameter of the pole can also be another factor that determines how much pole dancing poles cost.


  • Tension mounted, removable poles are the cheapest option for home use. 

Some brands produce a number of different options of tension mounted poles. 

  • Static (those that don’t spin) are the cheapest option. 
  • If you want a spinning pole with the latest in pole technology to switch between spin and static mode you can expect to pay more than you would for a basic spinning pole or static pole. 
  • Stage poles, sometimes called portable poles are the more expensive option. This is due to the number of components you needed to erect the free-standing pole. 


This is a huge factor that determines the price of pole dancing poles. 

Part of the reason one brand might be cheaper than another is due to how long they have been in business and how many they sell each year. 

Another reason is the location of a brands manufacturing plant.  If the poles are mass-produced in China, which is known for cheaper labour the product will be cheaper than those poles manufactured in the USA, Europe and England where the cost of labour is more expensive. If you like to shop local you can expect to pay a higher price.

Those brands who manufacture in the western world are often newer to the world of creating pole dancing poles and may have created products that weigh less or offer advanced features.    

The Upshot

You can reap the benefits of buying a pole dancing pole for home use.

Multiple factors determine how much a pole dancing pole costs. Characteristics such as material, diameter, type of pole, whether it’s spinning or static and the manufacturing country affect the price.

You can expect to pay between $119 and $499 for a tension mounted pole.

Stage poles could cost anywhere between $789 and $1,781.79 depending on their weight and brand name.  

Some poles are not designed for pole fitness, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is and you should avoid it at all costs. 

If you are looking to buy a pole dancing pole, you can find the latest prices and our thoughts on the best ones to buy in our post about Pole Dancing Poles.

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