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Pole dancing has become the exercise class of choice for many around the world, whilst you generally won’t see it in your local gym there is no shortage of studios that specialise in this great form of exercise. Many love it so much that they wanted to practice at home, at the beach or even at the top of mountains. A few companies around the world rose to the challenge, designed and manufactured top quality pole dancing equipment. A couple more have jumped on the band waggon in recent years but who makes the best and where can you buy it?

Find all the pole dance equipment that is available for home fitness or stripper practice, read our reviews and discover the best online stores to buy them from. Removable tension-mounted poles, stages (podiums) that are freestanding and accessories that allow you to practice pole fitness and dancing safely at home. If you have just entered the exciting world of pole dancing discover which manufacturers sell the best dance poles for your needs and budget. 

Removable poles

The dance poles classically used at home. Fitted by tension between the floor and ceiling.

Find out which is the best dance pole for your home with our review and buying guide.

Professional, reliable, long-lasting poles that can be static and/or spinning.

Various coatings and diameters are available depending on the manufacturer.

Find your perfect pole set.


Discover the best portable pole dancing podiums available.

Generally more expensive but they can be assembled in just a few minutes giving you the flexibility to take the stage wherever it suits you best.

Perfect for those that don't have a ceiling compatible with a tension mounted pole or for those that want to pole outside.

Find out who offers the diameter, finish, spin/static mode you need.


Discover the crash mats and special accessories that will enhance your pole dance experience!

Use the accessories available for poles and podiums, so you can practice safely or improve your experience with add ons for your pole.. Find the accessory you need and get the most from your equipment.

Lollipop Poles

Combine hoop and pole in one routine with a lyra pole

Crash Mats

Land on a safe surface if you fall

Pole Silks

Mix up your pole training with pole silks

Pole Dance with the best equipment produced by leading Brands

Find out which manufacturers offer top quality pole dancing equipment. Determine who uses superior materials and has top notch customer service. 

The number of brands to choose from is immense and the make you choose may be determined by your location, what you are used to, affordability and availability.

Whether you want to practice your sexy pole flow, or master those fancy tricks from home or in the park you will realise the pole dance equipment that meets your needs. 

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Platinum Poles

Need Help Choosing a Dance Pole?

Confused by all the options? Learn which is the best pole for you.

choose equipment that allows you to practice pole dancing safely with a product that meets your needs

When pole dancing for exercise first came on the scene, well over 10 years ago there was not many places you could get a pole for home use. Those first companies making portable equipment for home are still the market leaders. 

We’re committed to revealing where you can buy top-quality and safe products that are designed for home use.
We look for pole dancing equipment that focus on the needs of the pole dancer that practices / trains at home, aiming to select pole dance poles, stages and accessories that are designed and produced by reputable companies.
Ensure you practice pole fitness and pole dancing at home with a dancing equipment from a reputable company. 
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