What Is Wall Rope Yoga And What Are The Benefits?

wall rope yoga

It has been considered for a long time that practising yoga is one of the best ways to stay fit and release stress. While traditional mat-based yoga is great for the body and mind wall rope yoga, just like aerial yoga has a few additional benefits.

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What is Wall Rope Yoga?

Wall rope yoga, shares a lot of similarities with traditional yoga. But yoga poses are performed with the aid of ropes hung from the wall.

The rope helps you move deeper into some moves and acts like an aid that provides support and for other postures, the weight of your body is supported by a rope. This means for some postures you will be suspended in the air! 

This style of yoga was originally designed by BKS Iyengar.

Yoga studios teaching this style today use sophisticated systems which incorporate adjustable straps and padded pelvic swings that accommodate a students height and body type. The ropes hang from what is called a rope wall. 

What Are the Benefits of Wall Rope Yoga?

Rope walls can be used by yogi’s of all levels from beginners to those that are more advanced.  

Like aerial yoga, the ropes work as a personal assistant, they allow you to open the body much further than it would in a regular mat-based yoga class. during the practice, gravity is utilised and acts as a natural form of resistance. The rope allows participants to access inversions and move deeper into some postures like backbends. 

There are three main benefits:

  • Lengthen your spine and open up your joints. The weight of the body when hanging from the ropes allows the joints to be gently opened up. The spine extends further than it normally would, making you feel taller. Spinal decompression is a term being banded around. 
  • Strengthens muscles. Wall rope yoga requires you to use your arms and core muscles in every pose. When the arms support your weight in inversions you strengthen the forearms which will be beneficial when it comes to forearms stands etc. 
  • Enhances Flexibility. Wall yoga classes help you stretch your muscles and tendons safely. When suspended in the air you have more space to move. Regular practice will lead to improved flexibility and an improved range of motion. 

  • Inversions become more accessible. There are many benefits to performing inversions like spinal decompression mentioned above. Inversions are usually only achieved by those that have been practising for some time, but with rope, yoga inversions become possible for beginners in their first class. 

Can You Practice at Home?

If you have space to hang some ropes then there is no reason why you shouldn’t practice at home. Although you should be made aware that inverting can be dangerous when done incorrectly so you should have lessons with a professional first. Another option is to have some online lessons, if you do this then it would be wise to have a friend spot you when you try a new inverted posture for the first time.

After that feel free to invest in some equipment for your home. 

Where to Buy Wall Rope Yoga Equipment?

Like most things, today Amazon is a great place to buy equipment for wall rope yoga. We will be doing an article in the coming weeks about the best wall yoga equipment in 2021/22.