Where is the Cheapest Place to Buy Pleaser Heels?

So Christmas is coming and I need a new pair of Pleaser Heels for the pole studios show but due to a lack of income at the moment (stupid pandemic!) I don’t have a lot of money to spend on them. So I really need cheap Pleaser Heels

I’ve been doing a little bit of research into where to buy Pleaser Shoes cheaply, I thought in the personal blog post I would share my tips on where to buy Pleaser’s that are an affordable price.

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My Top 4 Places To Look for Cheap Pleaser heels!

Pleaser Clearance Sales

If you can wait for the sales, don’t want to buy second hand heels then the best way to get cheap Pleaser heels is to search the online stores for their clearance styles. It’s usually a great way to buy a pair of heels that are from last season. The great thing about exotic shoes is that a design never really goes out of fashion and this year’s style is probably just the same but they may have altered the sole or toe box slightly. No major thing to worry yourself with. 

Of course, the only issue with clearance lines is that not all sizes are available. But if you are desperate for a pair of cheap Pleasers simply do a search for your size and see what’s available you might be surprised.

We’re sorry to bang on about this store especially if you are a hater of this store but Amazon is a really great place to find clearance ranges. 

Get cheap Pleaser Heels When They're on Sale

Black Friday is coming and there is often no better time to pop some Pleasers in your basket. Often you can get 10-20% off heels or at the very least score free delivery. 

Obviously, Amazon is a great place to start your search whether it’s the January sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday or any other sale that goes on during the year. The number of sales happening every year seems to grow and you could find special discount sales being advertised for ThanksGiving, Easter or the Summer.

If you want to know ahead of time when a Pleaser shoe stockist is having a sale you need to like them on Facebook, follow them on Instagram or preferably sign up to their mailing list. 

Online Pleaser sales pop up at some of the most surprising times of the year. 

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Discount Pleaser heels with Voucher Codes

I’m sure you are familiar with what discount codes are but just in case there you are one of those special people who doesn’t know about these special codes let me let you into a little secret.

A number of stores that sell Pleaser heels have discount codes available so you can save a percentage like 10% or a fixed amount such as $20 on your first purchase with them. The discount code which is sometimes called a voucher code is normally just a combination of numbers or letters as we found out from the online shopping expert recently. On occasion, it will be a certain word like NEWBIE or BLACK. The code sometimes simply describes the offer like NEW20.

The discount codes are usually only available for a limited amount of time, so your best off using them as soon as you come across them. Don’t think about it, just use it, or you run the risk of the discount no longer being available or you forget to use it. Be decisive and own it!

In order to receive the discount code, you often have to subscribe to the online store’s newsletter, which can be a great idea as not only do you get the money off coupon but you get to know first when there is an online sale in case you want to buy any new Pleasers or other pole attire in the future.

Another great way to find discount codes is to check out voucher or coupon sites. These can be a great way to get a discount on Pole Shoes, Exotic Heels or Pleaser Boots or anything you buy online in general.

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Buy Secondhand Pleaser Shoes

Secondhand doesn’t have to mean that the cheap Pleaser heels have been scratched and look battered when you get them. Quite a few students of mine buy pole dancing shoes and boots, wear them for a photoshoot and know that they won’t wear them again so sell them on to recoup some of the costs and buy another pair. 

On other occasions someone will order the wrong size and fail to return them to the online store before the returns window closes, so will sell them to try and rectify the mistake.

Also, polers have so many pairs of Pleasers they eventually part company with some of the pairs that they don’t tend to wear. But they might be just perfect for you.  

One of the best places to look for these are on Facebook pole groups where girls resell pole wear and exotic footwear

It’s also worth a look on the Facebook marketplace as often girls will resell their Pleaser boots and shoes. They often want to try and recoup all of their money if they 

Another great place to buy second hand Cheap Pleasers Shoes for sale in on eBay. This is a great site that everyone knows about but often forgets wheh looking for second hand exotic shoes.

Not everyone likes to buy secondhand shoes or boots but if you want cheap Pleaser heels at an affordable price then you might just have to swallow your pride. 

But when you consider the points I raised about many of the heels being worn just for a photoshoot or because the seller bought the wrong size it’s pretty much like buying a new pair but you save ten dollars or so. 

I bought plenty of cheap exotic heels in this way to wear to either pole dancing or a night on the town.. 

Choose a Cheaper Style of Pleaser Heel

It stands to reason that some style of plesaer heels will be cheaper than others. 

Obvisouly platform shoes contain less material than a pair of boots so they are automatically going to cost less than a pair of Pleaser boots.

So if you want to buy a pair of Pleaser heels but you don’t want to spend that much, either becuase your budget it tight or you don;t know if you will get on with wearing a pair of 6, 7 or 8 inch heels with a platform sole then buying a cheaper style is a good place to start.

So invest in a pair of Pleaser platform shoes over a pair of boots as they are cheaper full stop!

Also invest in a pair of shoe protectors – that way you will make them last for longer!