Sexy Bedrooms Heels for Everyone

Bedroom heels are a weird concept, and if I’m honest not one I had considered until recently. After thinking about the idea for a while I guess you either love the idea or hate it, a bit like marmite. If you like the idea but have no idea how to wear them we have just what you have been looking for a guide to how to wear high heels in the bedroom. 

It came as a massive surprise to me that when people talk about bedroom heels they might actually refer to different types of shoes that they might don behind those bedroom curtains. So I thought I’d include a section on the different kinds people wear. From bedroom heels with fur to fluffy high heeled mules and erotic high heels we take a look at them. 

This partially explains why when you do a Google search for the term, it comes up with a real selection of ideas. 

I also thought it was quite relevant to include a section on what men think about women wearing shoes in the bedroom as it’s quite a good idea to get an insight into what men think if you are thinking of planning a surprise for your man. 

Then finally when you scroll right to the bottom of the page we touch on different brands and where to buy them from. 

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Our Favourite Bedroom Heel!

Pleaser Lip-101-8/R/C Slipper

Sexy Fabulicious Shoes made by Pleaser Shoes. They have a Red Maraboufaux Fur with clear heel and platform.

  • Heel height: 5.25″
  • Platform height: 1″

If searching for this shoe online try Pleaser, LIP-101-8, LIP101-8/R/C and LIP 101 8.

Pleaser lip-101-8 Bedroom Heel with fur

How to Wear Heels in the Bedroom?

bedroom heels

Back in 2012, I read an article in glamour titled “Weekend Sex Challenge: Go to Bed Wearing Nothing but These!”, you’ve guessed it the these were a pair of sexy heels. According to the author, she has never met a man who didn’t go weak at the idea of a woman donning nothing but stilettos or pumps during sex.

So that’s your challenge for this weekend, do just that head off to bed in just your sexy heels. Have fun!

My man would probably love it as a one-off, but wouldn’t be that fussed by it on a regular occasion. If you have the energy and want to treat the pair of you to a bit of something extra special then it’s a great idea. 

But how do you wear them, well that’s probably left to the imagination really!  You could try sexy lingerie and your heels, your birthday suit and the heels, pj’s and heels…get the idea? 

After a night out, when you would usually take off your shoes you could take everything off apart from the shoes, you’d just have to make sure you were not wearing tights, dress appropriately with bare legs, stocking or hold ups. 

If you plan to leave them on during the act a pair with an ankle strap are surely going to be best so that they don’t fly off. On this note, Sky News have an article that delves further into this. 

The Different Styles of Bedroom Heels

You might be able to take your intimate encounters to a whole new level by wearing a pair of erotic bedroom heels. As we mentioned above there are a number of styles that you might like to choose from. 

Bedroom slippers with heels are one place to start, although to me it screams I’m short and I want to be an inch taller. We think that although these pop up in the search engine results, it’s not what people reading this article will be looking for. This style might also be referred to as bedroom heels with fur. They are quite cute I guess, but they do remind me of bet lynch from coronation street (a British soap opera) for some reason. 

If you’re looking for more of an erotic style of high-heel, some sky-high platform heels might be something you could invest in.   

If you are new to platform heels and plan to wear them out as well as in the bedroom then opt for 6-inch heels to start with, then you can progress to 7 or even 8-inch heels.     

We particularly like light-up platform shoes but I also love wearing glitter platform heels or clear ones as well. 

Or gun heels if you fancy a bit of a James Bond theme in the bedroom. 

Platform boots are also another option, ankle, knee or even thigh-high are all brilliant options that are bound to be enjoyed. 

If you’re thinking more secretary when you think of erotic high heels then classic stiletto pumps… ideally in red or black with a shiny finish will be just the thing. 

More Excellent Bedroom Heels That We Love

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Richealnana Faux Feather Heeled Slipper

The clear platform high heels with faux feathers are perfect for the bedroom!

The heels feature a sexy slim transparent heel.

A rubber outsole with grooves helps with grip.

They are man-made and constructed from a vegan-friendly material.

Reviews suggest that most customers find that the shoe size runs small so the sellers suggest that you choose a size up from your usual size.

Richealnana Faux Feather Heeled Slipper
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Kitulandy PU Leather Thigh High Boots

These boots are amazing ladies!!! 

I bought them for a special night with my boyfriend and they were the perfect pairing.

They are comfortable, look amazing, and are AFFORDABLE. 

Kitulandy PU Leather Thigh High Boot

Men and Heels in the Bedroom

Man Bedroom

Do Men Love Heels in the Bedroom?

I guess it’s like most things, some do, some don’t and some might think it’s a novelty and would love it on the odds occasion. I asked my husband and his honest opinion was No they’d be impractical.

Although I do remember on a night out before we had kids that he watched me getting ready, unbeknown to me and found the hold-ups a massive turn on. But he wouldn’t be one to ask me to put them on under an outfit on a normal day. So I guess that would be the same for heels – if I was out in them and just didn’t get around to taking them off I’m sure he’d love it or if it was a bit of role-playing. But sexy underwear would probably be enough for him if I was making a bit of an effort. 

When you do a bit of a search on various forums online it seems that men like it and women like doing it. If it floats your boat then why not. Personally, I’m just happy to jump under the covers. But then we do have young kids so happy to just get some. lol. 

I guess if you like it and he likes it then why not go for it. A bit of role-playing and whatever you fancy never did anyone any harm. 

But what shoes would you wear – surely they would need to be tied on with ankle straps or boots. If they were slips on surely they would just fall off. 

Which Ones do Men Prefer?

Well I guess high heeled erotic shoes. I can’t imagine a pair of converse being hat they are looking for. 

What Color Do Men Like?

A pair of black high heels would probably go down quite well, although any colour would be adored. Other good colours to try are red or beige. 

The Best Bedroom Heel Brands

Pleaser shoes are a hot choice if you’re looking for bedroom heels. Whether you are in the market for fluffy high heeled mules, erotic high heels with a platform 

They are particularly good for shoes to wear with bedroom costumes. 

Maybe you’re looking for a pair of vintage bedroom boudoir slippers for a photoshoot or Fur Slipper Slide Mules that just slip on the feet. 

There are a number of brands that are particularly good for this style of shoes. Pleaser and Ellie spring to mind as the obvious go-to brands but don’t discount some of the cheaper brands as they can be the perfect heels for the bedroom at a reduced price. 

If you happen to be on a budget and want to get cheap bedroom heels then look for online stores with discount codes or a sale happening.

Amazon is a really great place to pick up bedroom heels.  You can get the big brands mentioned above as well as cheaper brands. If the heels you were expecting don’t show up straight away why not search for sexy high heels.