How Much Are Pole Dancing Classes?

So you’ve from friends and seen online that pole dancing is an amazing form of fitness, not only for the body but for the mind too. You would love to have a go, but before you can commit to lessons you need to know how much pole dancing classes cost?

At Loops World we have taken plenty of pole classes around the world. To be honest, the price tends to vary between countries and the price also varies within countries. 

It’s actually impossible to quote a single price that will tell you how much pole dancing classes cost because there are so many variables. 

But what we can do today is highlight all the variables that determine the cost of a pole dancing class and give you some tips for finding out how much pole classes cost near you.

If after doing all of your research and you find that pole dancing classes are out of your budget, did you know that you can take online pole dancing classes? 

How Much are Pole Dancing Classes

Factors that Determine How Much Pole Dancing Classes Are


It’s surprising but the cost of lessons tend to be less in the UK than they are in the US and Australia. This could be something to do with the shipping costs of pole dancing poles.

X-Pole were the first in making portable dance poles for home use and studios, their head office is in London, UK and whilst they manufacture in China (at least they do at the time of writing) – it is going to be cheaper to ship to the UK than to other countries in the world with this country.

There are now many other manufacturers of poles but x-Pole still have the biggest share of the market. Some studios may have fixed poles they have sourced elsewhere and this may keep the costs down.  

Location in a country

As well as the prices varying between countries, they also vary significantly within countries. You can expect to pay more if you live in a big city like New York, London or Sydney.

Also if you live in an area where rent is expensive, like Key West, Florida you could expect to pay more. Prices will likely be cheaper in towns and cities where the cost of living is less. 

Studio Rent

If the pole classes you attend are in an upmarket area, are all shiny and posh inside you can expect to pay more than if you attend lessons that are held in a warehouse or art studio. The studio rent will be factored into the prices.

Teachers Abilities / Level of Training

If you are seeking the best instructor in the world, one that has plenty of experience, won competition titles their lessons are always going to be a little bit more than someone who doesn’t have that much experience. 

Length of Classes

Don’t be tricked into thinking that one studio is cheaper than another without checking the length of the lessons. Some studios offer 90-minute classes, some 60 minutes and others are just 45 minutes long.

Subscription Packages

If the drop in price seems a little steep, see if they have an option that allows you to buy a block of classes or sign up for a monthly subscription as these can offer you a big saving. 

Home Lessons

These tend to be cheaper than attending a studio. They offer many advantages such as the cost and you can take them whenever you have a spare hour. The disadvantage is that you need your own pole and you don’t have a spotter.

How To Find Out How Much Pole Classes Cost Near You

Do a search in Google for pole dancing classes near you. Have a look on their website under classes, costs or subscription packages. These are the areas of the website that will tell you how much pole classes cost at that studio.

If the prices are not clear, send an email, text or even Facebook message to the studio owner and they will help you out I am sure. 

The Upshot

Pole dancing is an amazing, addictive, confidence-building form of exercise that has taken the world by storm. The cost of taking pole dancing classes varies depending based on a number of factors.

If you think that pole classes are so steep, consider how much it costs to ship the equipment, how much the poles and teacher training cost and then add on some studio rent and you will see why classes can be quite expensive compared to going for a run around the block.

Whilst you can’t put a price on your health and if pole dancing is a form of exercise that you love it is worth every penny.

But if you still can’t afford it look out for subscription packages, group deals or consider buying your own pole and taking home lessons.