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How Much Do Aerial Yoga Classes Cost?

Aerial yoga classes are very popular, you can take part in a session almost anywhere in the world know but how much will a class set you back? Lets look at some of the Aerial Yoga Class Prices from around the globe, from the USA to the UK and Australia to Thailand.

We have browsed the internet to find out what the average price are from a selection of physical studios. We have also taken a look at the price of online aerial yoga lessons.  

Aerial Yoga Class Prices

The price varies somewhat depending on where you are in the world.

We took a relatively small sample we must admit in each country to compare the cost of an aerial yoga class. 

In the UK prices varied considerably from as much as £30 for a single adhoc class in London to as little as £10 in the north of the country. That’s a huge spread. When you took an average the price of an aerial yoga class is £15. I’m based in the UK and anything above £10 for a class makes me go a little bit funny inside. 

In the US the average price of an aerial yoga class varies by state. If you head to New York you can expect to pay somewhere between $17 if you buy a membership or up to $30 for a single class. For those out of New York or a majot city you can expect to pay somewhere between $10 and $20. 

Some studios offer memberships, where you get unlimited classes each month or class passes – this can be away to 


Yoga Bee

The Studio

Bodybarre (45 minutes)

London Dance Academy

Flying Fantastic

Aerial Yoga & Fitness

Heart Space





£23 – 30




Flexibility in Flight


Academy of Aerial Fitness

Flow Foundry


Antigravity Lab


Flex Yoga Wooster

Twisted Aerial



$22 ($17 if you book a block of 10)

$30 ($27.90 with 10 pack bundle)

$20 (discount with membership)


$10 – 18


$17 – 30

$9 – 12

$19 – 25

$15 – 20

$11 – 25

Online Aerial Yoga Class Prices

As it’s in it’s infancy the number of online studios is somewhat limited but here is what we found out about the average cost of an online aerial yoga class. 

As you will see from the offering we found below, finding out what the average class price is a little difficult as each online studio offers a slightly different way of delivering lessons.  

We are sure that over the next few years the selection of online yoga lessons will increase dramatically.

Aerial Yoga Online

Aerial Yoga Girl – Live Online Lessons – 200 pre-recorded lessons available as well.

Teaching Aerial Yoga

The Good Karma Studio

Aerial Dancing

$12.50 per download

$20 per month


£18 for 75 mins ($25)

$10 for 60 mins


Why do Classes Cost So Much?

There are a number of reasons why aerial yoga classes cost the price they do and vary so much between studios. We’ll take a look at why aerial yoga classes can seem a bit pricey in some places.

Aerial Yoga Hammock

Firstly there is the equipment. The aerial silks fabric which is used to make the hammock costs at least $210 per hammock and then there is equipment needed to hang the hammock from such as ceiling mounts, truss, carabineers, O-Rings and daisy chains. Then each student needs a yoga mat, unless the studio has a policy where you need to bring your own. Good quality yoga mats do not come at a cheap price. So equipemnt for just one student costs about $400. Equipment needs checking replacing every so often as well.


Cleaning equipment – all studios need to clean, but since covid-19 costs have increased. This is a hidden cost that many students do not think about. 

Venue rent – is another cost that many students don’t think about, heating, air conditioning and water need taking into consideration as well. This is the one cost that can make a huge difference to the price charged for a a lesson within a state or a country. Take the UK for instance, In the capital London a single class can set you back £30 but in the North maybe just £10 unless it’s in one of the more expensive areas like Alderley Edge in Cheshire.  This is one of the major reasons why aerial yoga class prices vary.

Location – as well as the venue costs, classes in some areas may cost a lot more because the cliental are perceived to be well off. For example those in Washington my be perceived to be the wide of rich bankers or if you head to Alderley Edge or Cheadle it may be thought that everyone is a WAG and thus loaded. Sadly it’s probably not the case but you will pay the price for living somewhere nearby. 

Instructor training – believe it or not your instructor went on a course to learn how to teach you aerial yoga and probably spends several hours a week training and learning new skills to pass on to you. Liability insurance can cost $200 or more (1). This is another factors to be considered when looking at aerial yoga class prices. If you instructors training cost $2000 or $500 will make a huge difference to the prices charged for the class. 

Insurance – yup, sadly accidents do happen and if they do, if injured a student may look for compensation.

Wages – you can’t forget that the instructor isn’t doing it for free but as you can see from above they won’t be taking home everything that they get from a student per lesson. 

As you can see there are lots of costs associated with running aerial yoga classes or a studio. 

Aerial yoga class prices

In Summary

As you will have been able to see from our tables aerial yoga class prices vary considerably both between and within countries. The reason for some variation is often due to the location of the classes. The rent on a studio in New York or London is more often than not going to be a lot more than the rent on a studio is say a suburb of Greater Manchester or West Coast Orlando. 

It is possible that as aerial yoga classes become as Ubiquitous as traditional mat based yoga the prices may come down a touch. B ut we have to remember that the equipment is not cheap and we are paying for the hire of this when we pay for the class. As some studios charge $3 for yoga mat rental how much would the charge for rental of a hammock? 

When all things are considered, aerial yoga class prices are quite reasonable in most locations. You can get classes for cheaper by buying a bundle of 5 or 10 classes. If you are interested in attending classes more than once a week it can work out financially if you sign up for a membership.  You can expect to pay a premium if you are in  a capital or other major city due to the increased price in rent.

We hope this article has been informative about aerial yoga class prices. Hopefully you can use this as a guide when looking for classes near to you.