Pole Dancing Gifts

Great ideas for birthday and Christmas presents for pole dancers

pole dancing gift idea

Are you wondering what to buy for the pole dancer in your life as the festive period or as their birthday approaches? Well worry not we have all the inspiration you require below. 

Some of the items we have bought and love so much we needed to add them to this list, others are on our wishlist…..so dear husband, if you’re reading this please buy me them…..

Anyone who takes part in pole dance for fun and fitness will love receiving pole dancing themed gifts at Christmas, for their birthday or at any time of year. 

We’ve searched the internet for some of the best pole dancing gifts available. 

Whatever your budget there will be a present just perfect for the pole dancer in your life. 

Take a look below and see what pole dance merchandise to novelty dance ideas are available for your pole sister, girlfriend, boyfriend or any other adult you know.   

What to expect from this Pole dancing Gift Guide

This gift guide is partly made up of things that are on my wish list and partly made up of tried and tested things. There is no particular theme to the things that we have added to the list but I have categorized the list. Most categories include an idea for a range of budgets. 

The list is quite long so please scroll all the way to the bottom or click on the links below to be fast-tracked to the category that’s for you. 

Pole Dancing Novelty Gifts

Who doesn’t love a novelty gift? 

Pole Dance Merchandise

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There is no shortage of pole dancing themed mugs available to buy on Amazon. they make really cute gifts for any pole dancer.

sloth pole


Pole dancers love to make notes about what moves they learned in class and what moves they want to master next. Get them one of these pole inspired notebooks or journals to document there progress.

pole dance journal

One of the best places we have found to buy pole dancing gifts is Etsy. the ideas are always original and you are supporting local artists and small businesses. You can find great gift ideas from pole dancing Santas at Christmas to mugs and t-shirts to amazing necklaces and jumpers all year round. 

Christmas themed Ideas for Pole Dancers

Santa pole dancing

pole dancing santa tee


There is a superb selection of pole dancing Santa tee shirts available on Etsy. Everyone needs a novelty t-shirt with santa pole dancing for rocking up to pole related activities around the festive period.


This sexy pole dancing Santa used to be available to buy on Amazon. If you won't a bitt of a naff, novelty gift for someone take a look and see if they are available again.

Pole Dancing Santa Cards


Really cute cards with Santa on to give to your students or pole friends. We found these cute cards at the paper chase.

Naughty Naked Santa

A cute ornament that features Santa wearing nothing at all. Will make a very novel Christmas stocking filler.

Pole Dancing Elf

Elf’s that are pole dancing were once a thing, but they seem to be out of fashion now. But we found these really cute gingerbread men last Christmas that I sent to my pole buddy. She loved them. 

Gingerbread man

Gingerbread (Wo)Men

These pole dancer gingerbread Christmas decoration and ornaments we found on Etsy are super cute! They were a success when I bought them for others and I would love someone to buy them for me...

Home Pole Studio Ideas

If someone you know has a home pole studio, you are going to love these gift ideas. They will love them! From art work to light up signs to disco lights – there is no shortage of things that you can buy to spruce up there dance space. 

Wall Art

pole art
Wooden wall pole art


led pole light
disco light
mini neon light

Poles, mats etc

Why not buy that special person in your life a pole, safety mat or pole warmer? Choreography cards are a nice little stocking filler as they can be really helpful when making up routines for beginners and those that are advanced. 

choreo cards

Choreography Cards

These cards are both perfect and amazing - they are wonderful for sparking inspiration and creativity. For anyone who likes to make up routines for fun, pole showcase or competition.

Help them get strong for pole without a pole

Whether they need to train flexibility or get strong without a pole here is a selection of things that pole dancers need in their life.

epsom salts

Resistance Bands

Resitance bands are the perfect stocking fillers for those who are looking to increase flexibility for those flexi pole moves. They are great to help polers build strength.

yoga block

Yoga Blocks

Bricks make great gifts for pole dancers on a mission to improve flexibility - after all pole splits look amazing.

yoga, mat

Yoga Mats

Good quality yoga mats are a must for pole warm ups and for those looking to become flexible for there bendy pole shapes.


Pull Up Bars

Pull ups are a great way for to increase strength in primarily the lats and biceps , while also recruiting your deltoids, rhomboids, and core. These are just the muscles pole dancers need to strengthen for many of the moves on the pole.

Bruise Relief

Learn a new move – get a new bruise is a common moto chanted by pole dancers. I for one am always covered in bruises some like to call these pole kisses. Arnica cream is a great stocking filler as it’s a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the symptomatic relief of bruises. 

Arnica Cream

Good quality yoga mats are a must for pole warm ups and for those looking to become flexible for there bendy pole shapes.

Ice Packs

Cool packs are another great stocking filler thath can be used to treat pole bruises and bumps.

Sore Muscles

As well as external bruising pole dancers often have sore muscles. Treat them to some bath salts to target that common complain. 

epsom salts

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are perfect for the pole dancers to soak away that muscle soreness and stiffness 

wellness, massage, relax-285587.jpg

Deep Tissue Massage

Either give them a voucher for a massage from you or treat them to a deep tissue or sports massage at the local beauty salon or physiotherapists.

massage gun

Massage Gun

If you want to really treat your poler, why not trade them to a massage gum to massage those tired limbs after class. They can iron out all the knots every day if they need to.


pole shorts

Pole grip, grip aids, leg warmers, shorts, vest tops, tees, crop tops, sports bra, hareem pants, leggings. The list just goes on and on….. If you feel like really treating them why not get them some pole shoes or boots?

Not sure what they would like, then get them a gift voucher for one of these popular shops. 

Pole junkie, Etsy, Amazon, eBay all have a great selection of pole clothes.

Pole Guides & Lessons

Whether the pole dancer in your life is a novice or a pro, they will love a gift voucher for a lesson at their current studio or with their pole idol.

The great thing about the global pandemic is that it has forced so many of the great pole dancers to take their teaching online. Do a bit of investigating and find out who the recipient of your pole gift had a pole crush on and buy them a lesson with them.

Not all of the great pole dancers are doing one to one classes via zoom or similar, others have taken their instruction to Patreon, an American platform that allows dancers to take their pre-recorded lessons online and can be accessed by students who sign up and pay a subscription.

If you don’t think an online lesson with their pole crush or subscription service is for you. 


There is a brilliant book by a personal trainer called the Pole PT. Everyone is raving about it. This will be a brilliant gift for any pole dancer whatever their level. 

That was a long list of things to get a pole  dancer above. We hope that there was something that inspired you.